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Busy, Busy Times and My Favorite Thoughts on the New Pope

Things have been busy in these parts, with John studying for a big exam, me trying to simultaneously finish a novel edit and complete our taxes, Jacob mimicking everything we say, and Henry growing bigger and bigger and bigger.   We are exhausted, our backs ache, but man, oh man, is this an exciting season […]

March 20, 2013

Faith, Modern Perspectives, Motherhood, Young Married Mom

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A Sister by Any Other Name

When John and I got married, his sisters and I quickly decided that the whole “in-law” designation was unnecessary. I may look a little less Asian (not that much less Asian, though, right?), but in any sense that really mattered, we were now sisters. Recently, we added another lady to the ranks. John’s older brother, […]

November 13, 2012

Modern Perspectives, Young Married Mom

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Something Worth Celebrating

Today, in my family, is a day worth celebrating.   Today my parents have been married for forty years.   When John, Jacob, and I celebrated with them a few weeks ago, we gave them a gift that included some photos of then, now, and the days in between. It was my dad who noticed […]

October 22, 2012

Modern Perspectives, Young Married Mom

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