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When God Gives You the Answer Ahead of Time

Eight days ago, I met with my spiritual director, our first meeting in months. We checked in and talked about Lent. He asked what was going on in my life, if there was anything I was concerned about. There were a few things on my mind we discussed. In a couple of these situations, I […]

March 17, 2020

Faith, Freelance, Marriage, Modern Perspectives, Motherhood, Parenthood

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Leaving Something, Starting Something

People have been asking if I’ll miss anything about Brooklyn. The answer, of course, is yes. I’ll miss the friends we’ve made here, the church community we were a part of, walking just about everywhere, taking the subway and getting in and out of Manhattan so quickly, running around Prospect Park, having John get home […]

July 22, 2013

Motherhood, Young Married Mom

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Grief Update: I’m Still Freaked Out

Henry is to be born in less than three weeks. I feel him kicking all the time. I’m at the point where I’m going to the doctor and hearing his heartbeat every week. People ask when I’m due almost every day. Some days all I can think about is holding and nursing this little boy. […]

December 4, 2012

Modern Perspectives, Motherhood, Young Married Mom

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