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My first speaking gig was my 1st grade talent show, which I singlehandedly emceed. Though I'm no longer sporting blonde pigtails, I do still enjoy interacting with a group to encourage, inspire, and lift up. I would love to come meet you and speak at your event.

I currently have two ready-to-go programs. I would also be happy to suit my presentation to your group's needs.

"The best speaker we've had all year."

- a participant at a family-centered session,
 st. francis of assisi cathedral, metuchen, nj

 - caring for our bodies as prayer for our souls,
 - the joys and challenges of marriage and family life as a vocation in the present age,
 - losing a child through miscarriage,
 - the power of literature in the spiritual life
 - navigating the contemporary publishing industry.


be the change you wish to see in your home

God is calling to us every day through our parenting. As with any vocation, parenthood offers challenges and consolations that, when recognized and embraced, can help us draw closer to God as our Father. This talk emphasizes a personal relationship with Christ, the graces of the sacraments, and the power of the communion of saints. It concludes with practical tips listeners can employ immediately to renew their relationship with God and their energy for parenting. 

Can women have it all? The better question is what is the "all" God wants for us? Whatever our station in life, He wants us to be happy, holy, and whole because Jesus Christ is our center. We can recalibrate ourselves from the temptations of this world toward the hope of Heaven by leaning on the Word of God and finding strength in the sacraments. Each of us has a different "all," but they all lead to the same place--a loving relationship with our Lord and Savior. This talk is geared toward all women, not just those who are biological/adoptive/foster mothers. ​


on having it "all" as an authentic catholic woman

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I am also available for book chats to discuss Don't Forget to Say Thank You: And Other Parenting Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God

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