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September 13, 2011

Evolution of a Nickname

I’ve noticed that the nicknames I give Jacob often find their way into other family members’ vocabulary.  I don’t know why this happens, but it does.  It’s a power I realize I need to use for good and not evil.


The thing is, most of the nicknames I give the little man kind of come out of nowhere.  So today I thought I’d attempt to trace my nicknames for Jacob over the last twelve months and see where I end up.  Take a trip down Memory Lane with me?



Peanut Man

Little Man Made of Peanuts


Munchkin Face

Munchkin Pie

Munchkin Pie Face with Peanuts

Peanut Face

Peanut Pants


Pants Face (sorry, Jacob)

Little Man

Little Bear

Jacob Bear

Bear Face (I don’t know what’s wrong with me)


Silly Bear

Silly Goose



Goose Face



Couscous (ironically, something else Jacob can’t eat)

Mongoose (borne of saying, “Come on, Goose”)


Those last “goose”-related names are the product of the last week or so.  I know there was more before then, but I can’t recall them.  For Jacob’s sake, that’s probably for the best.


With the way people often talk to children, it’s a wonder anyone learns to speak English (mostly) properly. It’s even more amazing that kids come to learn their own names. In twenty-five names, there’s only one instance of Jacob.


At this point Jacob prefers clicking, tongue wiggling, and giggling to speaking. But at some point he may want to introduce himself on the playground.  Lest someone take “Goose” to mean John and I have an unnatural love for Top Gun, I guess I ought to straighten myself out.


Oh, little Goose Bear Face.  Even if you do introduce yourself as a slew of otherwise unrelated animals, I know you’ll be just fine.

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