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February 1, 2012

Guest Post: Remixed

Today’s post is a kind of inverted guest post, in which I’m linking to another blogger who wrote about something I wrote on her blog. It involves Ethan, a writing conference in 2010, a Google search, and a new book. Roxane told the story well and found more meaning in it that I was able to, so I’ll let her do the rest:

Speaking of that book, After Miscarriage, I wanted to share a poem I found there that expresses my experience more precisely than anything else I’ve read—and more concisely than anything I’ve written. Ha!

No one scorns the haiku for being shorter than War and Peace
Nor scolds the daffodil for being briefer than a redwood
But this little life cut off so young
We mourn and cry “too soon too soon”.

Surely the Author knows when to end each tale

And yet
Jesus wept

So should we all
For in the beginning death was not

And though there is a plan perhaps for even this little sparrow’s fall
Still we cry
For we know that a sparrow was meant to fly.

by Melanie Bettinelli, originally posted here


  1. Lindsay, thanks for sharing my post and bringing even more meaning to that time in our lives when we first crossed paths. What an honor to have a chance to get to know you further, through our shared suffering, and ultimately, connection with our babies. I haven’t read Karen’s book yet but am so eager to get my copy. It will be good to revisit that time in my life, and hopefully put new words to the experience of loss of a wee one. This is a powerful excerpt. I remember some words someone, a father who had experienced two miscarriages, said during that time. It was just a phrase sandwiched in between other words as he tried to find the right ones to help me in healing. “Early exit to heaven.” Just a few words; bittersweet and hopeful all at once. I’m honored to know you again and am counting on our sweet ones helping our families as we move through this world, until we reunite with them. 🙂

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