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Yesterday I heard our baby’s heartbeat for the third time.


Yesterday I started to relax, and believe that we really would hold this child, warm and wiggly, in our arms come winter.


Yesterday I considered freaking out about having two babies, but decided against it.


Yesterday I peeked a little further out of my tunnel of grief and let the light of hope wash over me.


Yesterday I considered how long and how short six months can seem.


Yesterday I was humbled when I realized how blessed I am to have John, Jacob, this new child, my friends, my obstetrician, and my work.


Yesterday I started to enjoy this pregnancy.


And today I am one happy lady.

  1. ceciliamaria says:

    Yesterday, I prayed for you and sent you lots of virtual hugs.

    Today, you made me smile so big that my eyes welled up with tears.

    Today, I am happy with you.

    Love you lots!!!

  2. Kristin says:

    😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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