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November 6, 2012

Sandy, Post-Storm

First of all, thanks to all our friends who checked in on us last week to make sure we—and our families in New Jersey—were okay after the storm. Thank goodness everyone is all right. Our families lost power for the better part of the week (they all have it back now), but they were prepared with food, generators, and gas. The trees and branches that did fall were quickly cleaned up by stellar neighbors. Everyone is safe and sound.


Our area of Brooklyn didn’t really see any of the storm. We’re too far inland to have been affected by the surges and too far east to be affected by the power outages. While it was difficult for John to get to work in Manhattan and it was a bummer to have the parks closed, we really, really can’t complain about any kind of inconvenience. Our home is dry and warm, and we have plenty of food and drinkable water. We are thanking God every day that we were so fortunate, and praying for those who were not so.


The thing about New York is that we kind of think we’re invincible here. It’s the greatest city in the world, right? (To be clear, Brooklyn is one of five boroughs of New York City.)


But the Coney Island boardwalk we visited for weekend beach trips this summer is now covered in sand. The skyline we love to see when we fly or drive back into the city was half blacked out for a couple of days.


Last week I was talking to my brother-in-law, also known as Uncle Michael. He commented that in disaster movies, you always see Times Square or some other easily recognized portion of Manhattan devastated. But you think that’s just the movies. Even after 9/11, I think a lot of us thought New York was unstoppable again. Turns out, it’s not.


While I spent the few extra days together with my family making donuts and finishing a sweater for Henry, there were a whole lot of people whose homes were damaged beyond repair. We’ve done a little to help out where we can, and we’re not done yet. Rebuilding will take weeks, months even, and the needs will exist just as long.


I encourage you, my readers, to help out where you can. If you’re in New York or New Jersey, bring food, blankets, or batteries to a shelter for evacuees. If you’re farther away, find a charity you trust who is on the ground, helping people get back on their feet. I’m currently knitting scarves and hats for evacuees.


Leave a comment with what you’re doing, and let’s inspire each other!


Sandy might have knocked New York and New Jersey down for a little while, but if I know anything about these two great states, two of my greatest loves, there ain’t nothin’ that can keep us down for long.