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May 31, 2013

Quick Takes – Take Two

— 1 —

As I mentioned last week, last weekend I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in one of my very dearest friends’ wedding. All the icky weather Friday and Saturday cleared for a beautiful day Sunday. In that, in the service, and in the party that followed, I could feel God’s love shining on this couple and the life they are starting together. It was one of the best days EVER.

— 2 —

At said party, I might have sung a little bit too loudly to the band’s cover of “Hard to Handle” by the Black Crowes.  The next day I may or may not have sounded like I’ve been smoking a pack a day for the last decade (which I have not).

— 3 —

John’s big exam is tomorrow! He’s been studying very hard and doing well on his practice tests. Very soon, we hope to see all his hard work pay off in a big, fat PASS.

— 4 —

Because John’s been studying all day every day, we spent the last week in New Jersey (thus the lack of posts this week. Not that we don’t have Internet in NJ; I just didn’t have time!). Though we didn’t stay where we’re going to be living, it gave me a sense of what it will be like to live in the suburbs with two kids. I’m trying to find ways to spend a healthy amount of time walking, even when I have to drive just about everywhere. There are ways to do this, but the blazing heat didn’t help!

— 5 —

Henry hasn’t been slacking in the exercise department either. He’s rolling over all the time and more deftly every day. He’s pushing his chest up higher and higher when he’s on his belly. (I have photos, but haven’t uploaded them. Next week!) Crawling doesn’t seem to be too far away. I know it will make things more complicated, but I can’t wait. The smile he gets when he rolls over is huge. I can’t wait to see how excited he is when he realizes he can move himself around with intention!

— 6 —

Because we’ve been in New Jersey, I’ve been taking advantage of the time after the boys go to bed to work on what will be their bedroom in John’s parents’ house. I started after nine every night, but managed to clean, spackle, clean, and get a first coat of paint or primer up on all the walls! Next time we’re in town, we’ll get another coat up. As I was painting, I thought about reading stories to the boys at bedtime, once we’re moved in. It’s special to me that I’ve chosen the paint colors (with John’s approval) and made it happen for them. This is where my little boys will grow up! (Plus, we’re saving money on a painter!)

— 7 —

Last night, we had Israeli couscous with mushrooms and green onions for dinner. We also had corn, which John took off the cob for Jacob. Every time Jacob tried to talk about the corn, he called it couscous. Every time he tried to say something about the couscous, he called it corn. He didn’t seem frustrated, but it might have been his most confusing dinner yet.

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Here’s to a restful weekend and shifting back to normal after this test! Plus, tomorrow begins my favorite month: the month of John!


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