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What I’ve Learned

This weekend I had the opportunity to start conversations with two wonderful ladies about motherhood. One is expecting her first child later this spring, the other isn’t pregnant yet, but is very hopeful. They asked me a lot of the same questions I had when I started down this road. What kind of stuff do […]

April 8, 2013

Modern Perspectives, Motherhood, Parenthood, Young Married Mom

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Popular Wisdom Was Right, Or Finally I Have Photos of Henry

Everyone knows that parents rarely take as many photos of subsequent children as they do of their first. In the past three months, we have proven this hypothesis true. Turns out, it’s not only that you have less time to take pictures, but your oldest child—the one with the ability to speak/demand things of you […]

March 13, 2013

Modern Perspectives, Motherhood, Young Married Mom

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There is something different about winter air when there’s snow on the ground. It’s crisper, fresher, and makes the yuckier parts of the season feel worthwhile.

February 11, 2013

Motherhood, Young Married Mom

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