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Somewhere to Lay Our Heads

One surefire way to test the limits of your faith in God is to apartment hunt in New York. We knew we needed a new apartment five months ago, but could only really start looking the last week of June, because of the way the market works in New York.  Even then, barely anything worth […]

July 14, 2011

Brooklyn, Faith, Modern Perspectives, Parenthood, Young Married Mom

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Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Jacob has a new love.  One that proves he is very much his grandfather’s grandson.  Which grandfather, you ask?  Either!   Because he’s our first and I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing when we start something new, I went by the book when we stared introducing solid foods.  We started with rice […]

July 8, 2011

Modern Perspectives, Motherhood, Young Married Mom

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An Early Father’s Day for This Mama

Although it’s still a few weeks away, I’m already thinking about Father’s Day.  It’s the same week as John’s birthday (my favorite secular holiday of the year), which means the third week of June is a double-celebration for us from now until the end of time.  And considering I plan dinners and weekend desserts at […]

May 27, 2011

Modern Perspectives, Parenthood, Young Married Mom

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