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July 8, 2011

Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Jacob has a new love.  One that proves he is very much his grandfather’s grandson.  Which grandfather, you ask?  Either!


Because he’s our first and I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing when we start something new, I went by the book when we stared introducing solid foods.  We started with rice cereal and then added in fruits and veggies.  Sometimes I did add more than one food in a day, and often there were only two days between new foods.  Still, at times it feels like the process is taking forever. I may loosen up a bit more with the next little one, but for the most part, what we’re doing is working.  I think any perceived delay in how far along Jacob is with solids is more about what he’s ready for than what we’re doing.


Anyway, moral of the story, we’ve only recently begun to introduce meats.  Here’s how I’ve observed Jacob’s reactions.


Lamb?  Okay.


Turkey?  Doable. 


Chicken?  Ohh, fun to bite pieces off of a little chunk.


Tuna?  Mmm . . . not so bad when it has some garlic on it.


Beef?  Oh. My. Goodness.  Best stuff on earth. More!  More!  Must have more beef!


I have never seen him take to a solid food the way he takes to ground beef.  I’ve learned I need to put only one piece at a time on the high chair tray, because he will grab every bit he can see and put it all into his mouth at once.  Chewing and swallowing are overrated in his mind, and he inevitably coughs/chokes on the mass of beef (read: about a half-teaspoon’s worth) he has in his mouth.  Self-feed?  Let’s try self-shovel.


This is just another example of how much fun it is to watch him respond to his world.  Last week, I marveled over the way he sometimes used two hands to eat a single Cheerio.  And he’d bite it in half first, to boot!


I’ve never looked at ground beef or cereal the way I do now that Jacob is a part of my life, and I’ll certainly never look at them the same way again.


This is what motherhood is all about, and I am so grateful for the gift.

  1. Rebecca says:

    you tried lamb? That’s amazing! Zoe shovels food the same way…like about scares me to death.

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