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November 23, 2010

Dear Jacob II

Dear Jacob,


You are two months old now, and the time has started to fly, just as everyone says it will.  You are starting to grow out of some of your clothes; I hope your Jets onesies make it to the end of the season!  We’ll need them to cheer during playoffs.


Every week brings something new—a change in your eating or sleeping schedule, dry skin from the cold weather, more alertness in your eyes.  You are smiling more, and your smile is beautiful.  In the morning, you smile at me when I go to change you, and I have such fun playing with you on the changing table.


It seems like you are starting to consider putting things in your mouth, but haven’t figured out that you have control of your hands yet.  You’re still working on getting that thumb in your mouth, too, and I’m certain some day soon you’ll make it happen.


You hadn’t rolled over for a while, but then you did twice on your baptismal day, when you were playing with a couple of my friends (and yours, now!).  And oh, your baptism!  What a blessed and joyful day.  You were so calm during the ceremony, sleeping some, but awake for other parts.  You only cried for a nanosecond when the priest handed you to me (that got a laugh; thanks, little buddy).  All your grandparents were there and helped to bless you, and your great-grandma, did, too.  She was so happy to be a part of it.  There were prayers for you, for us as your parents, for your godparents, and for your grandparents and great-grandma.  We are going to do the best we can by you, and we know that with God’s grace, and with the help of everyone else who was there or wanted to be there to share in the day, you will have all you need to become the person God needs you to be.

After you were baptized, we took a bunch of pictures, and then went downstairs in the church to have a party and celebrate you!  I think just about every person in the room, about fifty people, all held you, and you didn’t cry for a second.  You even kept your white clothes clean!  (I can’t say the same for myself, but baked ziti is tricky to eat sometimes.)


You’ve met almost all of your family now, and they are all in love with you.  You are still a wonderfully peaceful baby, and you bring everyone around you—from your aunts and uncles to the ladies behind the counter at the supermarket—such joy.  We are in the week of Thanksgiving now, and you are what your daddy and I are most thankful for.


It will be great fun to share this holiday season with you.  Although we’ll have to wait until next year to introduce you to stuffing and pumpkin pie—the eighth and ninth wonders of the world—this year we’ll get to show you a Christmas tree, and we think you’ll really like looking at the lights in the city.


These last nine weeks with you outside of my belly have been at times joyful, peaceful, challenging, exhausting, exhilarating, scary, and just plain fun.  I expect more of the same in the weeks ahead, though I am trying very hard not to wish the time away, as I am so excited to continue watching you grow.  It is a pleasure getting to know you, my little son, and I love you so very much.


With all my heart,


P.S. It still feels strange to write “Mom”!

  1. mdbogin says:

    Jacob is so lucky to have you as a Mom. Someday,he will be able to read about your early life together.My five children are grown and I am writing my memoirs for them and my grandchildren. My life was exciting and wonderful, but it was the road less traveled. I feel they need to hear my side of the story. Have fun with Jacob, God Bless.

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