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January 21, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

When I started this blog, I commented on how it was strange that only when I was pregnant and about to take on the responsibilities of caring for an infant was I compelled to start taking my writing more seriously.   As we begin 2011 I am ever more aware that the advent of Jacob has ushered in a new season in my life.  Sometimes I feel as if my life is starting all over again, not to the detriment of anything in the past, but with great possibilities for what comes next.


Not only do I have a new family to care for, but I’ve also just launched, home base for the freelance services I am offering in the world of publishing, primarily with children’s books.  I am grateful that my time at home has not only given me the opportunity to spend time with Jacob, but also to do more of what I love—reading, writing, and editing.


Yesterday, I wrote about how being a mother has made me a better person.  Even though there is more to do, I feel so right, so at home with all that I do each day.


Sometimes adding more to your life—when that “more” is something meaningful—can make it easier to handle the rest.  Like student-athletes.  When I was in the middle of field hockey season in high school, I had an easier time managing my homework and other extra-curriculars.  When the season ended and I felt I had all the time in the world (that three to five pm window), it was more difficult to make time for what had to be done.


I’ve found the same with prayer—introducing a more diligent prayer regimen can seem like a recipe for disaster, when days are already so busy.  But because prayer gives us better perspective, more of it can make the rest of life more enjoyable and more peaceful.


All this is to say, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my website, and happily anticipating the people I hope to meet and the projects I hope to be involved with in this new venture.

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