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March 7, 2011

Dear Jacob V

Dear Jacob,

Dear, dearest Jacob.  Every parent thinks his or her kid is cute, but your daddy and I are convinced that you really are one of the most adorable children we’ve ever seen.  Sometimes you look like me, sometimes you look like Daddy, but more and more I think you just look like you.



Every day, you do all sorts of cute things.  You’re cute when you sleep and when you eat.  You’re cute in everything we dress you in, especially hats.  You make cute noises, cute faces, and you are beyond cute when you laugh with me.

But not everything you do is cute, my darling.  And I think we need to have a talk.

The morning is usually the best time of day with you.  You are so alert and well rested.   You haven’t had a chance to take a bad nap yet!  I love snuggly, smiley mornings with you.  It’s a time of day we can make the most of together.



But making the most of this time doesn’t mean that we need to start it any earlier.  This may, in fact, have a negative effect on our collective enjoyment of this time of day.  You see, not everyone takes three naps a day.  Most adults don’t.  Someday, yes, you too will have to stop taking so many naps, but that’s not the harsh reality I mean to relate to you today.  That’s a conversation for another day.



I’ve noticed that lately you’ve been waking up progressively earlier every morning in need of my undivided attention.  Jacob, sweet little Bear, this is not cute.  Really, really not cute.  The opposite of cute.  It’s gotta stop.  Please.  For both of us, and for Daddy, too.



Eight a.m. is a lovely time of day.  Seven-thirty’s nice, too.  Heck, seven a.m. isn’t that bad.  But six-thirty, my beloved baby boy?  Six-thirty (and earlier) is a time of day I don’t want to see unless cross-country travel depends on it.

I hope you’ll consider my points and make a wise decision as to how to proceed.  Life is all about making choices, my son, and it’s my job as your mom to help make sure you make the best one in every situation that comes your way.

With all my heart,
Your loving (and somewhat sleep-deprived) mom


  1. Melinda says:

    One day, little Jacob will not be so little anymore. And if he ever finds out about this email, he’s going to use it as proof that you need to let him sleep longer. MUCH longer.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ah! Zoe started doing this at about 5 months too…we went through 2 months of sleep deprivation (after 5 months of GREAT sleep). I finally hit my limit last week. After 2 days of crying it out…she’s sleeping til 7 again! Btw…Jacob slept til 8:30??? That’s AMAZING!!!!

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