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March 16, 2011

Soaring Out of My Comfort Zone

Motherhood is the most challenging venture I have ever undertaken.  And with challenge, naturally, comes risk.  If one is willing to take the risk a challenge offers, there is the great potential to become a better person in some way.  On the other hand, if one doesn’t give herself that chance, there’s no telling what she might have been able to accomplish.


I wrote last week about how as a mother, if I see something needs to get done, I’ll make it happen, no questions asked.  But not everything needs to happen, per se.  Some things are just fun; some things would broaden my family’s perspective in one way or another; some things are important for other reasons, but still not essential.  It’s with these sorts of experiences—things that could be great, but that are outside of my comfort zone—that I struggle.


Taking Jacob out by myself in public the first few times offered challenges that I wanted to put off as long as possible.  But before I knew it, I was out with a friend and despite my measured preparation, Jacob needed to be both fed and changed at a little tea shop in Brooklyn.  It was a big day for me as a mom, and once I made both those things happen, I felt unstoppable.  Like I was the next of kin of the Incredibles or something.


Bad lighting, good tea.


As we’re learning more about Jacob and learning how to be parents, there are a lot of decisions we have to make about what’s best for him and for our family.   This past weekend, we traveled all the way across the country to visit John’s brother in California.  Part of me thought this was crazy, especially since Jacob has responded well to a more defined bedtime and more consistent nap schedule over the past few weeks.



But although he came back with a bit of a cold, overall Jacob was a rock star traveler.  He slept on both plane rides, and our schedule on the West Coast made it easy to stick to the East Coast time zone.  (However, I do wish this hadn’t been the weekend we spring ahead an hour!)


It’s a great feeling, being surprised by things I think can’t be done.


In addition to realizing how much our little family is capable of, we got to see John’s brother’s stellar performance in a university play, and Jacob got a lot of quality time with an uncle he doesn’t see very much.  It was also really nice to get away and to just feel “vacation-y” with John.

Not to worry, we were parked at a strip mall.


I still don’t think we need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way, but this weekend was a reminder that I need to ask myself whether we’re not doing something because it’s not right for Jacob & our family, or simply because I’m scared that it will be too hard.  Because if we can make it all the way across the country and back, the latter simply isn’t an excuse anymore!


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