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May 9, 2011

My New Second Favorite Secular Holiday

I know what you’re thinking as you read the title of today’s post:  “What a mangled bunch of modifiers: that Lindsay is a kook!”

But the truth is, I love Mother’s Day—not as much as I love John’s birthday (my number one favorite secular holiday, which I know the rest of the world does not recognize as I do).  After this year, of course, Jacob’s birthday will be tied with John’s, pushing Mother’s Day to the third place position.  But considering the many, many secular holidays in existence—Earth Day, Flag Day, etc.—even third place is a pretty lofty spot.

I love this holiday not because it is a celebration of me, but because it is a celebration of my family.  As I wrote last week, it’s a time for me to reflect on how grateful I am for the privilege and the honor of motherhood.  Celebrating it this year has felt like having the same birthday as a bunch of my friends.  With our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and godmothers, my fellow mothers and I were like queens for the day—or in my case, the weekend—and it has been one of the best weekends of my life.

Never mind the almost broken headband; the discovery of ants in our apartment; the water probably leaking from our apartment into the one below us; and the baby who seems convinced that cribs are for standing, not for sleeping.  Each of those things attempted to put a damper on this weekend, but they did not succeed—the celebration prevailed!  A full day with my parents, a lovely walk through the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, two great movies (see The King’s Speech and There Be Dragons ASAP, btw), brunch with fellow mamas and their families, and Jacob’s first time on a playground swing more than made up for the trying moments of a very busy two days.

I love that this weekend gave me time to be with my family; that it is spring and the weather is beautiful; that we got a chance to talk to my mom and John’s mom and just enjoy the sounds of their voices.  I love that this holiday is on a Sunday, so I get to start it with Mass with my family and a special blessing; I love that it’s during the Easter season, so the whole Church is in the midst of a long-term joyful celebration.

This holiday is so much better than my birthday, which you might have expected to be my number one favorite secular holiday.  It’s better because Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate more complete things in a more fulfilling way.  I am so grateful for the new perspective on my life it’s given me this year, and I will continue to celebrate this day in my heart for many weeks to come!

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