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When Jacob started to smile, I didn’t think I’d ever want his teeth to come in.  I knew he’d need them as an adult, but that gummy smile was just too sweet to change!



The teething process has seemed both gradual and all of a sudden.  It messed with his sleep patterns a bit, but generally he’s handling it like a champ.  Now the slivers of white along his gums have come in as seven(ish) sharp teeth!


Every day I look at them, and every day I smile.  Those teeth are just as sweet as those little gums.  Maybe even sweeter, because they mean our baby is becoming a little boy.

Being a parent means living a life of constant change.  And I wouldn’t change that for anything.

  1. Wow! Lots of little teeth! And you’re right, parenthood is CONSTANT change 🙂

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