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I wouldn’t label myself patriotic, but I can say I am happy to be an American citizen—and more accurately a New Jerseyan by birth, and a New Yorker by choice.


This Fourth of July, I’m thinking about two people.  The first is John’s cousin Tim, who is serving in Afghanistan.  Shortly after he shipped out, Tim’s mom gave us a small, framed photo of Tim to keep around the house—nay, apartment.  It’s in the living room, and I see it every day.  We pray for Tim every night when we say the rosary, and with the help of that photo, I’ve had him more in the front of my mind in this time he’s been away than any other time I’ve known him.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to think about such a great guy every day, and I hope God will bring him home safe and soon!


The other person I’m thinking about—surprise, surprise—is Jacob.  His citizenship is something we easily take for granted.  Born in a New York City hospital to New York residents, Jacob was given the precious gift of American citizenship from birth, and it’s incredible to think about how much that will shape his life.  I don’t mean to make any sort of comparison between the U.S. and any other country; I only mean to consider the opportunities this—not to mention the fact that his native language is English—offers him.  I hope we can help him to put them to good use!


Today, I am grateful for my family, my faith, and my country.


And hot dogs.


Happy Fourth!

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