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September 2, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To . . .

When Jacob was a little boy–okay, when Jacob was a littler boy–John was all about getting a handheld video camera.  I was on board, but not as stoked as he was.  I know I look back at photos, but I wasn’t sure I’d look back at videos, and I thought we might just eat up a lot of hard drive space.

In time, I’ve come to appreciate having a video camera on hand.  We’ve captured giggles, dances, and all kinds of things in between.  As Jacob grows and his coos turn into babbles and soon into words, I know I’ll later appreciate these couple of minutes here and there of his babyhood.

Probably thirty to forty percent of the photos I take of Jacob are pictures of him grabbing at the camera.  While the regular, still digital camera is a little too fragile for his less-than-gentle touch, the video camera seemed like it would stand up to his constant turning and occasional biting.  So I made my little boy’s dream come true.  I handed him the camera and pressed “record.”  Here’s what he wanted to share with the world.


If you get motion sick, I wouldn’t recommend that you hit play.  If not, enjoy!



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