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November 9, 2011

I Need Somebody, Not Just Anybody

As the little flower that is our baby’s mind continues to blossom, Jacob is adding more words to his vocabulary. His signing vocabulary, that is. His verbal vocabulary is still mostly this:



Now, when I ask him, “Do you need help?” he responds with the sign for “help”. For as few words as he says (“da-deee” for Dad, dog, and most other things), it’s incredible to see how he makes the connection between the spoken word and the sign for it. He doesn’t do it quite “right” but the point is that I know what he means when he does it, and it allows him to get what he needs.


It’s clear that he understands the sound of word relates to the motion of his hands moving up and down, yet I’m not sure he truly understands the concept of “help”.


According to Jacob, he needs help when a toy rolls under a chair. Okay, I’ll take it.


He needs help when two toys get stuck together. Fine.


He needs help when he can’t reach his cup. Sure, I can help with that.


He needs help when there’s a platform he wants to be on at the playground. Um . . . hey buddy, there’s a kid-sized set of stairs right there.


He needs help when I’m working and he gets bored. Help with what? Help with playing.


“Help” to Jacob means Mommy does stuff with him, as much as for him. As long as he doesn’t get carried away (“Mommy, help me take my spelling test.” “Mommy, help me take out the garbage!”), that’s just fine with me.

  1. Signing is one of the best things I did with my kids. It’s even better if you become fluent because you can threaten them from a distance. In church, I was able to say to my middle kid “If you don’t quit doing that, you will never again eat another cookie!” Harsh, I know. But it kept him from taking his pants off and laying them on the altar.

  2. Rebecca says:

    HA! Zoe does the EXACT same thing!!! She asks me to do things for her all the time that she and I both know she can do…silly girl!

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