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February 8, 2012

Sixty Second (Or As Long As It Takes You to Read This) Jacob Update

It’s time for a little Jacob update. Ethan has been the main subject of most of my emotions—and thus most of my writing—lately. In the meantime, Jacob is doing some pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately, I have not been taking pictures of it. Sorry. Use your imagination!


He’s in a stage where he’s trying to do everything we do. Most of the time, it’s adorable. He uses my comb to brush his hair in the morning. He asks to turn lights on and off when we enter and exit rooms, and he wants to put things away after he’s used them (except food and his toys). These days, everything else stops until things are in their place.


He puts things in the garbage can. Sometimes those “things” are dust jackets of his books, but other times he gets it right. He can carry both shoes in one hand when it’s time to go outside. The other day, he came back in and asked that we hang up his coat. He’s starting to put his books back on the shelf. They’re upside down and backwards, but I don’t mind.


He cooks in his play kitchen all day long. When he has snacks, he often puts his food in other toy cups and bowls before putting it in his mouth. He carries an oven mitt and a spatula around like a shield and a saber. Okay, so that one isn’t like us, but it’s cute. My little squire.


He sits down to read, often in my lap, but sometimes just in what I’ve come to call the Reading Spot—the place right in front of our living room chairs, so I have somewhere to rest my back. Reading one book often leads to reading seven books, or reading that one book seven times, so I’ve learned to get in a comfortable position before we begin.


While all this big-kid stuff is adorable, sometimes I think it’s all a ruse, and he’s much smarter than he lets on.


The other day, Jacob was hanging out in the fridge, as he is wont to do. I told him it was time to get out. Though I knew it wasn’t going to work, I tried to reason with him. I’ve been trying to reason with him since he was born. Silly mama? Maybe not.


My tactic this time was to tell him that being in the fridge was wasting energy, and that’s why he needed to come out. He thought for about half a second, then touched the switch that turns off the light in the fridge. That way, he could stay in there without using as much energy.


Touché, little one, touché.


Will take photos today and post them later this week!

  1. Kids are WAY the heck smarter than they let on….. =)

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