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April 10, 2012

The Day After Vacation

This past weekend was a particularly restful one, but not because of an abundance of sleep. For John and me, the Triduum was a time of great conversation with family and friends. We talked about parenting, life, and death, we reminisced about the past and considered possibilities for the future. I added some titles to my to-read list, and our stale Netflix queue got a boost. Our gatherings were smaller than they sometimes are at holidays, and though we missed those who weren’t with us, the quality of the time we spent with those who were with us was something very special.


The day after vacation is notoriously one of catching up. Because my mom taught me to leave the house clean before going away, as long as we promptly unpack when we get home, by the time I go to sleep, I am already one step ahead. The next morning, I wake up to a clean-smelling apartment with things in their places. I love this day. There might be some grocery shopping or a few errands to run, but it’s like having a clean slate of sorts. I’m recharged from the departure from the norm, and ready to start a new week.



For Jacob, the first day back is one of transition. I’ve learned to schedule less, plan to sleep more, and be lax about timing. Naps are hit or miss, and that’s okay. Meals get a little off schedule, but that’s only because we’re finding our rhythm again. It took me a while to figure this out, but now I love this day. It is easy, snuggly, and never rushed.



Who said Mondays were a bad thing?

  1. Lizzy says:

    Oh my goodness a little suit and tie! Jacob has got to be the most stylin baby on the block. Too too cute!

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