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April 18, 2012

The Hierarchy of Cute


Unfortunately, I am no stranger to hyperbole. I have dubbed too many things “the cutest/most delicious/most hilarious thing ever.” Most of the time, I accept that this phrase is part of the accepted contemporary lexicon. While I try to avoid taking it too far, I also don’t often think too much of my literal meaning.


It’s a different story when it comes to things baby. In my time as a mother, I have thoughtfully considered what I deem cutest. The list is short, and there have been few additions since I made my personal official decree. It takes a lot to get on this list, but the most recent addition (1. d.) begs to be shared.


My hierarchy of baby-cuteness has a dominant top two:


  1. Jacob
  2. Babies with curly hair


This is not to say that bald or straight-haired babies are not cute; they just don’t slay me the way my Goose and curly-haired babies do. That said, there are a number of subcategories, one of which is our concern for today. The subcategories have only been verified for Jacob, but I imagine they could just as accurately be listed under item 2; I simply don’t have the biased proof.


1. a. Jacob in footie pajamas, drinking from a sippy cup. (This photo was as close as I could find.) For some reason, he’ll often raise his right eyebrow at first sip, which I think is just hilarious. Especially because he refuses to drink anything except water.



1. b. Jacob sleeping. This is high on the list mostly because he’s adorable. I admit that sometimes my relief at his having fallen asleep taints my judgment.



1. c. Jacob (and all little boys, really) pushing a toy car/train/motorcycle around on the floor, crawling behind it. Realistic sound effects are encouraged.

 I really wish I had a photo to go here.

1. d. And finally, our newest addition: Jacob in a baseball hat. This cap is mine, or should I say, was mine. His is on the way (J-E-T-S!).





And so the list continues.

  1. whoop whoop! My kid makes it in your hierarchy!!!

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