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Blogging is a priority for me, one that regularly makes it onto a physical to-do list. But when a week of good family and friend visits collides with a busy week of work (freelance will do that to you!), blogging has to take a back seat.

The stress induced by Jacob spending seventy-five percent of his waking hours climbing on chairs . . .

. . . and getting stuck when he forgets to pull the chair out first is taking a toll, too. In fact, it might be taking years off my life. So there’s that.

Good thing this little man is so cute that you guys keep coming back.



Happy weekend!

  1. Oh, he is a doll. But it’s okay to admit that you are weary. It’s a tough job — the toughest there is emotionally — this motherhood thing. You’re right, though. That cute face definitely has a healing effect. 🙂

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