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June 5, 2012

An Agreeable Young Man

I’ve noted recently that Jacob is picking up more and more words every week. By far his most frequently used word is “yeah.” Thankfully, he hasn’t yet learned to verbalize “no.” If I were superstitious, I would fear that he’d figure that out right as I hit “publish” on this blog post. Good thing I’m not. I don’t think.



After this weekend in New Jersey with our families, he seems to be considering saying “yeah” and only “yeah,” seeing as it gets such a great reaction from his fan club. Until this weekend, he was mostly using it at appropriate times. Then my dad got to him. Saturday afternoon, they had this conversation, which of course got big laughs from John and me and my parents:


Dad: Jacob, are you Jewish?


Jacob: Yeah.


D [changes his line of questioning]: Do you like to eat bugs?


J: Yeah.


D: Do you like snakes?


J: Yeah.


(Keep in mind, Jacob was happily eating lunch during this conversation, surrounded by people. He had food he liked and our undivided attention. He had no need to pay attention to anything we were saying.)


D:  Do you like to eat live bugs?


J: Yeah.



Monday morning, Jacob said “yeah” so many times, he started to lose credibility with me. Partway through the day, I had to say, “Jacob, I don’t think you’re really listening anymore.”


His response?





Oh, dear.

  1. Zoe says “no” like Jacob says “yeah” =)

  2. […] week I mentioned that Jacob was saying “yes” but not “no.” I joked that if I were superstitious, which I’m not, I would fear that he would learn to say […]

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