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June 13, 2012

Battle of the Uncles

One of the things I love most about John’s siblings is how competitive they can be. You haven’t seen competition until you see Pictionary in that house. There are words, there are tears, but in the end, there’s always dessert.


Now that everyone’s getting older, competition isn’t quite a fierce as it used to be. But that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend it is. The two of John’s brothers who live in California were recently home for a few weeks. On the last day we’d all be in the same state, I made an effort to get new photos of them with Jacob, since we won’t see them again until December—eek!


Thus begins the Battle of the Uncles.


Michael’s off to a good start. Cute, but no faces.



Joseph gets points for goofy, but smiles aren’t quite priceless yet.



Michael puts his all into getting a good smile out of the little man . . .





. . . and gets pretty good results.



But even with the setback of a sippy cup block



and a whole lot of blurry shots




I think Joseph ultimately wins this round.



Sorry, Michael. You’ve placed a very close second.


Until next time, boys.

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