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I’m delighted to share nothing but good news about our little one.

We went to our ultrasound today, and learned that the baby’s heart is beating well (praise God!), s/he is still just the right size, and what was identified as a potential problem at our last exam has developed into absolutely nothing of concern.

I was worried at the start of the exam that our baby wasn’t moving much. Visions of Ethan—visions I’ve been reliving recently—seemed they might be a reality. But then there was a heartbeat, and wiggling feet that the ultrasound tech thought were just too cute. I thought they looked like bunny feet, which I hope is not true later on.

By the end—once our little one was prodded enough, I guess—there was definitely motion. Motion, in fact, that reminded me of another little one of ours, minus the climbing on the couch and pointing.
(You may need to turn the volume up on this one . . . except when I talk. Sorry.)


We saw the same doctor in the hospital that we saw last time around, as no one else was available. He made it clear that he received my letter and he was not pleased about it, but then, that wasn’t my goal. Motherhood has taught me to speak up when something isn’t right with me or my kids, and I am grateful for finding strength I really didn’t know I had.


John and I launched immediately into celebration mode, sharing a cupcake on the return subway ride. There will be lots of prayers of thanksgiving, and I hope those of you who so graciously offered your time and hearts in prayer will join us in doing that. As my friend Alex remarked earlier today, “Rosaries work!!!”


To get us started, here’s a clip of Jacob joining in his new favorite bedtime song, “Immaculate Mary.” It hasn’t entirely replaced “Don’t Stop Believin’” but it’s certainly come close.
(You’ll definitely need to turn the volume up now.)


I am relieved, hopeful, and peaceful. I am ready to start enjoying this pregnancy. I have spent too much of the last eleven weeks in fear. I want to choose love over fear every moment, but sometimes that’s much easier said than done. The results today make choosing love and hope effortless.


They also mean it’s about time to start knitting an elephant.

  1. ceciliamaria says:

    Praying in thanksgiving and hope!!! I think I’ll have a latte this morning to celebrate your child’s beating heart! 😉 Love you guys!!!

  2. Awesome!!!!!! So glad to hear that! =)

  3. Sara McLeod says:

    YAY!!! we are SO happy for you guys! this little one is so lucky to have such wonderful parents!

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