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As much as Jacob loves to wear a cape, I think his true superpower is his love of books. I recognize that sounds like the tagline to a terribly boring afterschool special. When you see it in action, it’s the truth, and pretty darn cute.


Last week Jacob wandered around the board book section of our local library for the first time. He loved the little chairs and tables and, of course, the books! I intended for our trip to be a quick stop en route to the park, but when I asked him if he wanted to go, I got a firm, “no” in reply. He didn’t even want me to read to him much. He was so happy taking books from the shelf, bringing them to his seat, reading them, putting them back (more or less), and repeating the process.



I shouldn’t be surprised. We spend a lot of time reading every day (which is a relief when I’m tired/cranky/craving cheese products in this pregnancy), and at this point it is more often his idea than mine. John and I combat bad behavior by telling him he has a choice to continue how he’s acting and lose something or change his attitude and keep what he has. The suggestion of no stories before bedtime has a more significant effect than taking away his dinner (if, say, the bad behavior was throwing food)—and he’s a good eater.



While I’m starting to wonder if we’re raising a tiny geek (for which I would take most of the unfortunate credit), I’m delighted to see that our little boy is embracing something that was so important to me as a little girl, and remains that way today.




I knew being pregnant while working in a publishing house meant good things for his literacy!


  1. Cindy says:

    I’m not surprised that he’s a big book lover! You should read him some of the books we read at Abrams!

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