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August 31, 2012

Top Five Reasons I’m Ready for Summer to be Over

I never thought I’d write this kind of list, but motherhood can do strange things to a girl.


While for me, summer is not officially over until mid-September, the rest of the country likes to think the season ends this weekend. For once, I’m ready to concede.

Here’s why:


5. I’m done with allergy-induced paranoia regarding drippy ice cream at the playground.

4. On a related note, I’d like to get Jacob in long sleeves and pants, so that there’s less skin exposed to the remnants of other dairy-laden snack foods at the playground (Goldfish are my nemesis).

3. I realize this is a ridiculous complaint, because I have clothes on my back, but . . . most of my maternity shirts require layering. Add to that the bellyband on my shorts, and I often wear three layers of clothing over my middle. If I’m going to layer, it should be less than eighty degrees outside, and one of those layers should be a sweater.

2. Speaking of sweaters, I’m planning to knit myself a maternity cardigan, and I need a temperature shift to get me moving.

1. The end of summer means the beginning of fall, which means just one more season until we’re due with our new little man.


And just to make the list a little bit unconventional:


0. Football begins! Numbering this as 0 is not a typo. We are Jets fans in this household, and this whole not-scoring-a-touchdown-in-preseason thing is not inspiring any confidence, really. I’m not sure how you can look forward to week after week of heartbreak and lost hope . . . and yet, I am! J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!


What think ye, readers, are you ready for autumn?

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