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October 30, 2012

Sandy, Day 2

Noon, Tuesday. This morning we were out for Mass—the church is at the end of the block, and we weren’t hearing winds like we did yesterday. Our street is littered with leaves and smaller branches. One larger limb seems to have fallen between two cars. A few of the shingles look to have fallen off our church’s roof. Apart from that, it is a windy, rainy day, but there are no signs that records have been broken.


I expect the recovery period will be difficult to keep track of from Brooklyn. Although we were not hit directly by the storm, issues in Manhattan will affect us in the coming days and weeks. When will John be able to use the subway system to get to work? Will I be able to get to my doctor’s appointment and ultrasound on Thursday? New York is a powerful city, one that doesn’t take no for an answer. Still, the images of water rushing through lower Manhattan on the news last night were hard to fathom.


Fortunately, our families and friends in New Jersey are okay as well. Trees are down and some power is out, but no one seems to have encountered anything unexpected. Again, it’s odd to think of the damage done there, when there’s so little evidence of it here.


Hope you are safe, readers, and enjoying another day at home in sweatpants.

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