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October 30, 2012

Sandy, Day 1

Eight p.m., Monday night. While there was wind and rain all day, and we certainly didn’t want to go outside, we’ve yet to see anything extraordinary. Apparently, that part comes tomorrow.

We were excited to have John home for the day today—Jacob, especially. All day, Jacob wanted Daddy to do everything, didn’t want to let him out of his sight. This made the work John was trying very hard to do even more difficult. I think there were times when we were all struggling: Jacob, because he could see Daddy but couldn’t play with him; John, because Jacob wanted to play with him so badly and a couple of issues were making electronic work from home nearly impossible; and me, because despite my efforts, I was virtually useless. Apart from being the bearer of food and medicine (how in the world did tiny hives pop up on Jacob’s neck at the end of the day?), I was unnecessary. Until bedtime.

At bedtime, Jacob requested, for perhaps the first time ever, that Mommy and Daddy put him to bed. Because it was an unusual day, because we knew he was a little out of sorts from being inside all day, and because I was part of the equation, we acquiesced.

I know there have been times when Jacob has wanted me more than John; this is one of those times when it’s the other way around. Hearing him say “no” when I ask if I can play with him is a bummer, but I know it’s not how he feels all the time. Still, when he was already in his room with John and I could hear that sweet voice asking for me, too, my heart got a whole lot happier.

Part of our bedtime routine often involves singing the Our Father. Tonight, John, Jacob, and I all sang it together. Our voices blending together (or not, on my part) reminded me what we hope our family is all about: people living together, learning about life together, growing closer to one another through our relationships with God.

The wind is making it sound like there’s an ocean outside our windows, not an inland city street. We don’t know yet whether the predictions of damage will come to pass, or if the worst will pass us by. Either way, tonight Sandy helped an important piece of my heart grow a little stronger. For that, I am grateful.

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