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November 27, 2012

It’s Working

Over Thanksgiving weekend we received a belated birthday present for Jacob. When we opened it, I was delighted to find a DVD of The Muppet Christmas Carol! (“Light the lamp, not the rat! Light the lamp, not the rat!”) Though he can only sit still for about twenty minutes of a movie, I think Jacob will enjoy it . . . once he figures out what it is.


We don’t watch TV often with Jacob, but he knows what a CD/DVD looks like and even where it goes in the machine. For whatever reason, he didn’t make the connection that day.


His initial reaction?


“Read it!”


I don’t know that I could have been prouder.


We opened the case, and he proceeded to spin the disc around, giggling. Even though part of me wanted to turn it on right then, I told him we’d watch it on the weekend with Daddy. He put it away by the TV without an argument.


And then we went back to books.

  1. Lizzy says:

    I did not see that movie until my junior year of college. It’s so great! I am so happy that Jacob gets a childhood filled with books, with also a little sprinkling of muppets!

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