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November 6, 2012

Life with a Toddler is Like a Comedy Show

First of all, if you haven’t done it yet, stop reading this and VOTE. Then come back; I have some fun Jacob stories.

If you have voted, good for you! Hooray for civic duties! I hope you got a sticker. Seriously.


Second, I’ve posted a couple of things fairly rapidly today. My Internet connection has been less than stellar, so I’m catching up on posting drafts that have been sitting, saved and waiting, on my computer. Hope you’re enjoying!


Now let’s dive in to some of the more amusing moments of life with a toddler, shall we?


*            *            *


I can’t be sure that it’s because I’m pregnant, but every now and then, Jacob chooses to crawl instead of walk. He’ll announce, “Crawl baby!” and once he does, there’s no stopping him. Though he’s bigger now than he was when he could only crawl, he still does look like a baby, and it’s kind of wonderful to have these little blasts from the past with him.


Saturday morning, however, he added something strange to the mix. We were leaving church after Mass and he decided it was time to regress. John held open a door for him. As he crawled through, he said, “Thank you, Daddy” (because he’s one of the most polite people I know, for the record).


How bizarre would it have been to see him, nine months old, crawling, and having both the ability and situational presence of mind to say thank you? Creepy. Cute, but creepy.


*            *            *


Every now and then, Jacob refers to John by his first name, rather than “Daddy.” I try not to giggle too hard, but it’s hilarious to hear Jacob say, “Hey, John!” or “Thank you, John” like I do.


*            *            *


On Mondays, there’s a novena to the Miraculous Medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary said after daily Mass. When the lady from the choir is there, we begin by singing “Immaculate Mary” and end with “Hail Holy Queen.” Jacob knows the words to these songs because we sing them at bedtime. You know he’s really relaxed and ready to sleep when he joins in. Hearing his voice with the congregation at church (when he’s not sleepy) is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.


Okay, so that one’s not funny. It’s just wonderful.




  1. Meghan Butler says:

    These posts are keeping me entertained and reflective (hard to do!) while I am standing in line to vote! Thanks!

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