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November 9, 2012

The Lord’s Prayer, Jacob-style

One of my favorite things about two-year-old Jacob is that when we pray with him, he joins in. The written word can’t do justice to how simultaneously hilarious and inspiring it is to hear him shout out the last word of each line of the Our Father. (Jacob’s parts are in caps, in case that’s not clear.)


Our Father, who art in HEAVEN!

Hallowed be thy NAME!

Thy kingdom COME!

Thy will be DONE!

On earth as it is in HEAVEN!

Give us this day our daily BREAD!

And forgive us our TRA-PASSES!

As we forgive those who TA-PASS AINST US!

And lead us not into TA-TION!

But deliver us from NEBIL!

Amen. AMEN!


It kind of falls apart near the end, but I’m not sure I need my toddler to correctly pronounce “evil” anyway.


Again and again, amen.

  1. Lyndsey says:

    I am laughing just reading it, would be absolutely hilarious to hear in person. Last Sunday we had the cutest boy holding his little sister and brother hands as they walked out for the children liturgy…it my heart melt.

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