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December 14, 2012

In the Zone

Little by little I have been whittling away at an extensive to-do list. Let’s be honest: I’m always whittling away at an extensive to-do list.


In the last couple of days, though, I’ve been finding that what used to be priorities aren’t so important anymore. I’m wrapping up responsibilities and projects around the house the best I can, but I’m ready to just let them go. I’m ready to deliver this baby, hold him, nurse him, and enjoy a quiet Christmas with my little growing family.


We’ve made lots of plans to rearrange festivities, and I am excited to partake in all of them. Most of our preparations are complete, so there’s just the going and doing left. It’s great—just fun to look forward to!


In the second half of this pregnancy, people have frequently asked whether Jacob understood what was going on. We think Jacob will transition well, but I’m not sure how we can know that. I’m not sure John and I really know what life with two little guys in our home will be like. Can you ever be truly “ready” to welcome a new baby?


I think I’m starting to get there. I’m in the zone. Blog posts are going to start petering out (until I start posting pictures of our little men—don’t worry!). I’m resting more and doing less. All I can think about is my family and it feels so good to finally give myself permission to let them be my sole focus.


After Jacob was born, I embarked on a freelance business. For the last two years, I’ve always had something else going on. I liked that, and I think I’ll be very happy to come back to it in the spring. For now, though, as the year winds down, Advent progresses, and our delivery date comes closer and closer, I’m ready to snuggle down in what is quickly becoming a testosterone-infused man cave of sorts.


Am I ready for this baby? Yes, I am quite certain I am.

  1. I’m so ready to see pictures of Henry!!!!

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