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February 7, 2013

Little Things

Somehow, despite my usual inclinations, life seems simple today. Maybe it’s knowing that Lent is coming up, or maybe I’m getting a little jaded by this cold, cold winter, but I am focusing on completing what I’ve started, rather than planning something new, keeping things quiet and low-key—and loving it. Though today started earlier than I would have liked, it is already full of little joys. Namely, the following:

1. I am using the word “namely,” which is one of my favorites. Underused. Underappreciated. I’m here to change that. “Und zwar” in German. How fun!

2. I am wearing a belt for the first time in a long time. It’s on maternity pants, but it still feels good.

3. This morning I combated the totally expected and natural post-partum frumpiness by using my hair dryer. Fancy, just because it’s Thursday.

4. Yesterday, John and I celebrated the nine-year anniversary of our being an official couple. Then, we were two high school kids at an ice skating rink. Last night, we were parents making dinner, giving a very giggly toddler a bath, and enjoying how much fun Henry is when he’s awake—even if he chooses hours we wouldn’t.

5. A big part of me wishes it weren’t so darn cold so going out didn’t feel like such a task. On the other hand, the post-holiday winter months are my most productive reading time all year. I haven’t started Anna Karenina yet, but I have been reading the recently released final installments of series I started years ago: Son, the fourth book in Lois Lowry’s The Giver books; and Janie Face to Face, the fifth book in Caroline B. Cooney’s Janie books, which started with The Face on the Milk Carton. These were some of my favorites back in the day, and it’s fun to see them grow up with me. Plus, YA books mean quick reading! I also just finished Gone Girl, proving that I am, indeed, an adult. Lots of language, wasn’t crazy about the characters at first, but the push and pull of the plotting hooked me. A wild, wild ride.

6. I haven’t managed to take photos of Henry every day, but I’m trying to do it often enough to make a slideshow similar to Jacob’s by the end of Henry’s first year. Most of my photos aren’t done very masterfully; however, John’s cousin Peter takes some mighty good ones, so there are some beautiful images to include. Like these!

(The photo of the hot dogs is for Jacob. They’re Jacob-friendly, and he loves them. We’re going to frame it and put it in his room. Seriously.)

7. We still have meals in our freezer our family made us to keep us fed post-Henry. I reorganized the freezer this morning, and there are at least six meals in there. Add bread (also in the freezer) and salad and we’re set!

8. Jacob “read” books to me this morning. He’s memorized a bunch of his favorites, and I love, love, love hearing his little voice read them “by self.”

*.  Eight is my favorite number, so I’m ending here!

  1. props to you for blow drying your hair because it’s Thursday! And, yesterday while watching tv somebody said, “ergo” and I thought… “what a wonderful, underused word”. I’m totally going to try and work that into a conversation today. =)

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