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February 22, 2013

The Best Hat Ever Returns

Henry is growing like a weed—an adorable, chunky, sweet, beautiful weed. At eight weeks old, he’s wearing clothes for a nine-(and twelve-)month-old  and he’s into size three diapers. For those not familiar with baby sizes, here’s another comparison: Jacob, who is twenty-seven months older, probably has about ten pounds on him. Eleven, tops.


The good news is that since he’s growing faster than Jacob did, all Jacob’s baby winter paraphernalia fits him at the appropriate times. The Best Hat Ever is back:




We put this on Henry on Sunday, and literally within thirty seconds of being outside, a woman—wearing a trapper hat, I kid you not—stopped and raved about the hat. Where did we get it? How cute it was! She’d never seen such a small trapper hat before!


She walked us to the end of the street and made us promise (a couple of times) never, ever to give that hat away. She likened it to an outfit hand-knit by her aunt that she, unfortunately, passed on to someone else with a baby.


If the Battle of the Uncles were in session, Michael would have another point to his name.


Happy birthday, Michael!




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