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March 22, 2013

Three Months and Two and a Half Years

Yesterday, Jacob was officially two and a half years old. Today, Henry is officially three months old. Big boys. Bigger smiles.

IMG_3794 IMG_3802 IMG_3809

Jacob picked his first March Madness bracket yesterday. He was surprisingly serious as we moved through the games. A pattern didn’t emerge (except that he favored two schools listed only with initials; I don’t even know what FGCU is), so I have to believe that he was truly considering his options and making decisions. We have a family pool, and the only thing I’m willing to bet on is that Jacob will beat me.

We are learning more about Henry all the time. He’s starting to smile at us in order to get us to smile back. He coos while he smiles and I think he’s trying to tell us jokes. His digestive system does not like it when I consume dairy (Jacob’s allergies did not present this way at all, so who knows what this means). His core is getting stronger, which means he holds himself up straighter and it’s a lot easier to hold him. My back is grateful. Everyone in the family’s probably grateful, because I’m less pleasant when I’m in pain. He also puts an arm around me when I hold him that way, which is one of the greatest feelings on earth.


Today I am grateful for my boys, grateful for spring, and grateful for the Easter season that is quickly approaching!


(Can you say “matching ties”?)

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