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April 9, 2013

Spring Is a Season of Firsts

It’s finally spring in Brooklyn, and all things are new! Today we took our first real trip to the playground for the season.


Jacob can ride the tire swing like a big guy now. He still loves the sandbox, but doesn’t need me in there to help him find toys or build.


Henry is learning what it’s like to be outside without a coat. I’m so glad to use our baby carrier without the extra bulk, and it’s good to introduce him to vitamin D that doesn’t come from a bottle.


Change can do you good, but it isn’t always super exciting right off the bat. . . .


Pointing to the vase holding the flowers he and John brought me after grocery shopping this weekend, Jacob asked, “Mommy, why are the flowers in there?” I couldn’t answer for a minute, because I was processing the fact that the “why” questions had just started about six months earlier than I expected.


Henry’s eight p.m. bedtime is now more like ten. Or eleven. I’m not sure I can accept this.


Change can happen to you or you can make it happen yourself.  Spring is in the air of its own accord, but I have some ideas of my own as well, i.e. potty training and learning to sleep when Mama tells you to.


This is going to be a very eventful spring.

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