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May 15, 2013

Dear Jacob XXIV

Dear Jacob,


You are two and a half years old, and when people ask me to describe you, all I can say is that you are a hoot. You can make sentences like, “I like to drink water!” some of the most exciting ever spoken.


You wanted to play Hide and Seek this weekend, and went into the kitchen, calling out “Hide and seek! Hide and seek!” It was very funny when I correctly guessed where you were.


The other day, I told you we were going to make cake—this easily convinced you it was time to leave the playground—and you responded, “Ooh, I love cake.” When we were closer to home, you told me, “Mommy, you make a cake for me and I will make a cake for you.” You are as sweet as you are funny.


I spend a lot of time quoting you these days, because I want to hold on to everything you say. It’s not that I don’t love watching you grow. Last week, you put on shorts to go enjoy the warm weather, and all of sudden, you were dressed like a little boy—not a baby, a little boy.


When I went to take a picture of you, you insisted that Henry be in it, too. I love that you wouldn’t take a photo without him. I hope you keep this attitude for many years to come.


You love Henry very much, and not always as gently as I’d like. Henry doesn’t seem to mind, for the most part, and I am trying to make sure you have positive interactions. You have the energy of a two-year-old, though, and your yelling does startle our little guy from getting fed sometimes!


Your daddy and I love, love, love spending time with you. Sometimes disciplining you drives me up the wall, but I remind myself what Jim Stenson says—“Pay now or pay later.” I am being firm with you now so that you will have the strength of character to deal with what life throws your way later. The little things add up, for better or worse.


You are a strong boy, and smart. You can spell your first and last name, but not the middle one yet, despite that being the shortest! You’ll get there. Recently I watched you work lacing cards with dexterity I hadn’t noticed before. You learn more every day, and I am so impressed with the good-natured, friendly, happy person you are. You are sweet, kind, and so, so important. Don’t ever forget that.


You still say no to just about everything, but then do what it is that needs to get done. You push your boundaries, and I understand that is part of growing up. Still, I lose my patience when this process takes too long, and I am sorry for that. When I feel like my brain is functioning, I am trying to be a strong, steady example for you.


I hope that I am doing all I can to help you be the person God needs you to be. From the moment I knew I was pregnant with you, I knew that my job was to help you be something for God, to somehow serve God. So far, you are doing that with your smile and love. Someday, I imagine it will be with much more. Whatever it is, it will be all the more fruitful if that pure joy doesn’t fade.


I’ll end with a new quote from you that just warmed my heart (pun intended). We made strawberry ice cream, and I asked if you liked it. Your sincere response was, “Mmm, it’s very warm.” For all you’ve got figure out, temperature is not your strong suit.


You are discovering this world, step by step. I pray we can lead you into it with grace, courage, and strength, so that you can be all that you are meant to be.


I love you, my sweet boy, today and always.



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