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May 24, 2013

First Take at Quick Takes

Today I’m trying something new to me, 7 Quick Takes, sponsored by Jen at Conversion Diary and inspired by the lovely Cecilia of Dance Immaculata (better known as Aunt Ceci in these parts).

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

— 1 —

This weekend I have the distinct honor of being by the side of one of my best friends since kindergarten as she marries a wonderful man who doubles as her best friend and love of her life. There will be laughter, tears, and a whole lot of dancing. I can’t wait!

— 2 —

Uncle Karl taught Jacob about Star Wars the last time they were together. Jacob has taken to occasionally turning random toys into light sabers. Recently, he told our landlord, “May the Force be with you!” The Force is indeed strong with him (Jacob . . . and our landlord, I guess. He is a physics professor).

— 3 —

Speaking of forces being strong with Jacob, I’m beginning to think he has the full Mass memorized. At home, he’ll grab a book, stand next to me, make me say “Good morning,” (though “Good morning, Father Jacob” is better), and then have me repeat “Lord, have mercy,” and later, “Lamb of God.” This week I overheard a woman behind us in church saying to another, “He really gets it! I mean, he really gets it.”

— 4 —

John’s Big Test is one week and one day away. He’s working like crazy studying for it, and I think we’ll all breathe a big sigh of relief when it’s over. I know he’s dying to have more time with all of us—especially Jacob, whom he misses playing with on the weekends!

— 5 —

I read a phenomenal book this week, Gold by Chris Cleave. I wrote about it on my other blog, What I Learned While Writing a Novel, yesterday.

— 6 —

Jacob can eat shrimp! The allergist told us it was okay, as far as his skin test last summer, and we finally tried it over freekeh–an ancient grain new to us–with asparagus and mushrooms. Delicious!

— 7 —

A friend of a friend wrote a great article for those who are starting to run (like me!). It’s full of top-notch advice. It showed me a couple things I am doing right and a bunch of others I can improve on, like doing post-run stretches and trying speed training.


Thanks to Cecilia and Jen for opening the door to this Friday tradition! It was fun, and I hope I’ll manage to do it again soon.


Happy Friday!


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  1. ceciliamaria says:

    Welcome to Quick Takes, Lindsay! 🙂 Glad you decided to try it out.

    Love you lots!

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