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June 16, 2013

Father’s Day Recap

When I plan a celebration for John, it’s never just one meal or just one day. I think of a bunch of things I want to do and make as many of them as possible happen. This means Father’s Day is not a day at all, but a whole weekend experience, and this year, one that John had a good deal of input on too (I’m not taking credit for all the fun we had . . . just some of it).


Normally I don’t do a play-by-play, but we had such a good weekend, and my short-term memory isn’t great lately (waking up every two hours will do that to you), so this is for my own record as much as it’s to share. I’m leaving the culinary portion of the weekend for this week’s Quick Takes, so here’s a look at the rest of what our beautiful weekend held.


Friday night: Dinner with Jacob. A bottle of wine. Enough time to watch Les Misérables after the boys went to bed.


For the record, according to Wikipedia, Les Misérables can be translated to mean, “The Miserable, The Wretched, The Miserable Ones, The Poor Ones, The Wretched Poor, The Victims, or The Dispossessed” in English. Just thought you might like to know.


Saturday morning: John made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast—yum!—and served them with sausages and smoothies. After Mass, I had some time to write alone at home, while he took the boys for a run and a trip to the playground. I admit, this morning was as much, if not more fun for me as it was for John. He even let me sleep in an extra half hour! After months and months of heading out early to study, I think we were all just happy to have him home—no matter what time it was.


Saturday afternoon: The plan was to get to the beach, but timing and logistics were too hard to manage. Instead we went to the Prospect Park Zoo. We arrived in time for the last sea lion feeding, which Jacob just loved. We’ve been to this zoo and the Bronx Zoo before, but Jacob was interested in a whole new way this time. He was leading us around and pointing things out, which was so much fun—what a little boy he is! And when one of the sea lions dove into the water, he squealed with delight and clapped his hands from John’s shoulders. We got home for a nice dinner together . . . and then John passed out from such a great day!


Sunday: John let me sleep in and then made breakfast again! Eggs and bacon, yum! We went to Mass, where John received a special blessing with the other fathers in the congregation, as well as a keychain flashlight with “Fathers are a light” printed on them. Post-nap, we went for a run, bought new sunglasses at a street fair, and . . . took a ride on the carousel!


Last year, Jacob was not thrilled about the carousel we put him on. This year, he was more into it (though a carousel ain’t no sea lion). I stayed with Henry while he and John rode. When he got off, I asked him if he had fun.


“Yeah,” he said. “I saw Jesus.”


I looked at John, who was as surprised as I was, then back at Jacob.


“You saw Jesus? On the carousel?”


Totally straight-faced, Jacob answered, “Yeah.”


“Okay, buddy. Well, he’s everywhere, isn’t he?”


I don’t know if Jacob saw something that looked like a cross, or a man with a beard that I didn’t notice, or meant something entirely different. Whatever it was, no way I’m going to argue with that.


After many weekends spent holding down the fort while John studied, and with weekends full of home improvements in the future, it was wonderful to just enjoy each other this weekend.


Thank God for families. Thank God for fathers! Thank God for John!

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