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June 7, 2013

Quick Takes – Take Three – Jacob Edition


Jacob Edition!

— 1 —

Last week at the playground, Jacob started playing with a sweet, adorable boy who I guessed to be about five years old. When Jacob said something about muffins, the boy misunderstood and thought he said “math.” (I’m not sure how this happened.) Jacob made no attempt to correct him, so the little boy started saying, “You know math! I don’t even know math! I know one plus one is two, but not the harder ones.” Jacob is still quoting the little boy: “You know math! I don’t know math!”

— 2 —

In the last few weeks before the exam, Jacob started to understand that Daddy had to study. One day, while John was studying at the kitchen table, Jacob set up some of his coloring next to him, so he could study too. He sat there quietly and worked for longer than I expected!

— 3 —

For whatever reason, Jacob has started to channel Brick from Anchorman (which, of course, he has not seen). “Oh, I love blueberries.” “I love chicken.” “I love Grandma Wheese’s blender.”

— 4 —

I don’t think a parent ever gets used to seeing her kid breaking out in hives. We’ve had a couple of reactions that required Benadryl (and Cortisone and a bath) this week, seemingly brought on by the water from playground sprinklers. We’re as prepared as we can be, but every time it happens, I feel helpless. I want to scoop Jacob up and run away to somewhere where this doesn’t happen.

— 5 —

A realtor is starting to show our apartment to possible new tenants. One such couple came over Monday. Earlier in the day, Jacob and I took two attempts at making a pie crust (the final product was delicious, even without dairy, by the way). When the prospective tenant came over, Jacob was right at the door to welcome him with this report, “We messed up the pie!”

— 6 —

Speaking of pie, our voracious little eater has started to get picky. He takes the lettuce off of sandwiches, and won’t even eat it when we tell him chips will follow if he finishes the green stuff. The other night, he couldn’t manage to finish the peas in his stir-fry (he ate enough of them, though), but had no problem wolfing down a slice of strawberry rhubarb raspberry pie. This is definitely my child.

— 7 —

We’ve been traveling to and from our parents’ houses in New Jersey more frequently. The route we take brings us past Newark Airport. Every time we go by, Jacob goes a little berserk. “Airpane! It’s yandin’ down!” Translation: “Airplane! It’s landing down!” This has also led to his requesting YouTube videos of airplanes while I’m working. “Mommy, when you’re done working, can I see an airplane?” And while we’re watching that, “Can we see a red airplane? And a green one?” Then we’re watching it and we hear an airplane outside. Surround sound! Nothing gets past this guy!


P.S. Next week’s post will be about Henry, but here’s a teaser: Henry’s scooting backwards!

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  1. cindy says:

    I love this quick takes! And your boys are amazing. Can’t wait to hear about Henry!

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