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I try to post positive stuff here, not to give a false impression of motherhood, but to celebrate the beauty in what can be a tough stage of life. There are a lot of positives in our lives right now, and I am grateful for those. We are blessed with each other, our faith, food, a place to live, books, toys . . . the list goes on.


And yet, there are struggles too. Today we are seeing a new allergist because Jacob’s been having some reactions to something we can’t pinpoint (the water in the park sprinklers? summertime in general?). We are surrounded by friends expecting second and third children, and I’ve just identified the odd ache I’ve been feeling as missing Ethan, as I likely will whenever I think about pregnancy too long.


And the heat. Oh, the heat. At night, even though our room is right next to the boys’ we seem to have to choose between using the AC units to stay cool or hearing when they cry. We spent a little too much quality time together last night, and that—along with my nerves about this appointment with the allergist—is making me cranky. Why must Jacob be inspired to paint first thing in the morning? Why can’t I see the happy playfulness that is built into that?


Today, I am trying to get things done, but still make sure to look my boys in the eye and show them I love them. I am drinking glorious iced coffee and keeping this verse in mind:


Give thanks in all circumstances.
(1 Thess 5:18)


I have five or six posts in notes and other draft stages, but this is what’s making it into the world today. And that’s okay. I’m trying complaining; this is reality, and I’m living it as best I can. There are ups, there are downs, but through it all, there is love and sunshine.


And did I mention iced coffee?


P.S. This marks the 500th real post on YMM! Something else to celebrate!

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