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I did it, friends. I completed my first official 5K this weekend—and in record time. I guess it being my first would make whatever I did a record, but this is big.


I normally run 3.33 miles in 40 minutes. Saturday, I ran (given, without hills and without 90 pounds of stroller, car seat, and child in front of me) 3.1 miles in 31:22! I am so happy with these results.


I went into it wanting to run the whole thing, with only a vague idea of the time I wanted to post. I didn’t bring a watch, but ran at the pace I felt I could keep up for the distance, which I was familiar with from my runs in Prospect Park. I had Sarah, one of my best friends—and a longtime runner—by my side, and she was a great support. Just there, constantly beside me, not pushing, just letting me do my thing. She knows me well enough to understand that’s exactly what I needed. There was a point where I wanted to stop and take a nap, but I kept going. I’m so glad I did. Perseverance, you bear sweet fruit!


The event was well organized, and everyone seemed to be there to have a good time. In the parking lot, though, it seemed all the other runners were in much better shape than I was. I told Sarah that I didn’t intend to compete with any of them, and I made a concentrated effort not to get hyped up about times or anything before the race started. I simply wanted to do the same run I do a couple times a week in an official event and see how I liked it.


We ran a mile and a half down the boardwalk and then back. Once we saw a runner on the return trip, Sarah noticed that I sped up. “I thought you weren’t competing,” she said with a smile. “Ha! It’s subconscious,” I told her. It was also an adrenaline boost.


As we finished the race, we came up behind a very fit woman who had parked near us earlier that morning. When we saw her then, I said, “No way we’re going to beat her.” But you know what? We did! I don’t know what made that happen, but slow(ish) and steady sure does win the race.


Now I’ve just about completed three of the five goals I set for myself this year:


– Run a 5K. (Check. Plus I ate a hot dog afterward.)

– Knit through my yarn stash. (I’ve almost finished a sweater.)

– Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. (Less than 40 pages to go!)


That means I have two left:

– Read Anna Karenina.

– Sell my novel.


Eek! But if I did these first three, what’s to hold me back from the others? I am (runner) woman, hear me roar!

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