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July 17, 2013

Dear Henry XI

Dear Henry,


You are just six months old and I fall more in love with you every time I look at you. You are a lovable baby, full of smiles and strength. Since it’s gotten hot out, I stopped putting pants on you. You just wear onesies, and it seems like every time we go out, someone comments on your big, chunky thighs. You are a chunker, my love, and beyond adorable.


I love watching you interact with Jacob. You love to see him when you get up from your nap—and that’s a good thing, because he drops what he’s doing and races in to see you once he hears you cry. You’re happy to play by yourself, too, and you really play with toys. You hold on to your toys so tightly. You’ve had a good grip from your first moments, when you took my finger in your hand. I like that you seem to have a constant streak in you. Perhaps this will turn out to be a manifestation of your faithfulness and loyalty.


You are trying to crawl every day. Because it’s so hot, we’ve been staying home, but I think that’s fine because it gives you a chance to figure out how to go forward. It hasn’t happened yet, though there have been a few close attempts. You can sit up for a little on your own, too. Every day you grow up a little more, there’s more you can do with Jacob. I love hearing the two of you making each other laugh. I hope you will be friends once you are able to make a choice about it.


Henry, you have such big, beautiful eyes that look right into mine and a big, big smile that fills my heart up. I love you so much, and I am so, so grateful that you’re here.


I’ve noticed in the last week or so that there is still a bit of an ache in me from losing your brother Ethan last year. We have lots of friends who are pregnant and having their second and third children. You are here and you are a tremendous blessing; already I don’t know how we could be without you. I love holding you. You fit right into my hip like the last piece into the puzzle. There will always be a part of me that misses the little guy we never really met, but you will also always be such a special gift to us—joy and hope in a dark, sad time.


You are a ticklish little guy, and a hand wiggling on your chest sets off your belly laughs. When I talk to you, you react as if you understand exactly what I’m saying. You are beautifully peaceful when asleep, and I love, love, love every minute of being your mom. You’re making it pretty easy thus far, and I am grateful for that!


I love you and that our family is blessed enough to call you ours. I can’t wait to see what these next six months will hold for you!


All my heart,

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