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July 12, 2013

Quick Takes! Jacobisms

— 1 —

Jacob has the quintessential toddler voice. Consonants are consistently mispronounced; syllables are added and removed on a whim; subject-verb agreement is spotty. I love every minute of it, and almost don’t want him to figure it all out. It will be for the best when he does, of course, but for now this child is a HOOT.

— 2 —

Jacob: Mommy, did you put the holes in this blanket?

Me: Yes, I did.

Jacob: Did you use a drill?

— 3 —

Jacob’s created something called a kiss bonk (pronounced, “tiss-bont”), which is when two people affectionately touch their foreheads together. Jacob likes to do this. So does Henry. So do I!

— 4 —

When Jacob woke up one morning, Henry was already up and in the pack and play in the living room. Jacob’s first words that morning, “Where’s Henry?” I told him, and his reply was, “Henry will crawl backwards once he rolls over . . . and then ‘Beep! Beep! Beep!’ “ Because if that’s what trucks do when they back up, surely little brothers do the same.

— 5 —

While our friend Sarah was holding him, walking down the sidewalk on our street: “You have to hold me very tight otherwise I will fall and die.”

WHAT?! After much reflection, I think he got the end of this phrase from this story about my recovery after delivering Henry, which I had recently been retelling.

— 6 —

After housework all day on the Fourth of July, we had hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, followed by cookies for dessert. John read through the ingredients on a bag of DoubleStuf Oreos to be sure they were Jacob-friendly (they are!). He then remarked that the only allergens listed were wheat and soy. Jacob raised his cookie in the air and toasted, “Wheat and soy!” Everyone in the room, of course, followed suit. When the second cookie came out, Jacob declared, “We havin’ a party!”

— 7 —

Me, when saying good night: “Thank you for being a good boy today, Jacob.”

Jacob: “Thank you for being a good boy today, Mommy.”




I could go on and on—but it’s more important to enjoy all these moments than worry about writing them all down!


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  1. Great theme for a Quick Takes! He continues to be the cutest, apparently!

  2. oh my goodness! How stinking cute is this post!!! Love it.

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