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July 10, 2013

This Is Your Brain . . . on Motherhood

Blogging has gotten spotty around here because I find I can only barely form a coherent thought substantial enough to write a single sentence. Between moving, caring for kiddos, work, my other blog, revising my novel, and passing a bug around our family (is “ironic” the right word for getting a 103-degree fever during a heatwave?), I don’t have time—or brain power once I manage a minute—to write down the couple of thoughts racing in my brain. It took a while, but I’ve accepted this now. Blogging may slow down for a few weeks, but that’s because I’m focusing on taking care of my family. And if I’m not making that the first priority, you shouldn’t be reading this blog at all!


In addition to blogging less, I’m going to try praying more. We’ve started to incorporate morning prayer into snack time, and I hope to add in evening prayer, too. I feel scattered lately, and the only thing that’s ever worked to give me peace in that kind of frazzled situation is prayer. I can’t seem to find the time to pray on my own, which is all the more reason to pray with the kiddos. Making it a habit with them, I hope, will hold me accountable to keep it up.


In the meantime, I wanted to share a fun little story about how off my brain has been.


In the recent past (I’ve started to use this phrase for any time in the last nine months—I can’t keep track of how long ago anything happened anymore), I bought John a card for his birthday. The one I chose seemed a little romantic, but we’ve been so go-go-go, I thought that might be welcome. I sat down to write it the night before his birthday and . . . it was an anniversary card. Hmm.


When we were in the store, Jacob had suggested I buy one with a school bus full of dogs on it. I realize now that I might as well have gone with his suggestion.


Oh, well. Thank goodness John’s familiar with proofreader’s marks. I adjust the printed part and wrote in my own message. Where there’s a will, even when we’re exhausted, there’s a way.


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