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August 19, 2013

The Suburbs: Pros and Cons

We’ve been living in the suburbs for three weeks now, and almost everything has been great about it. It’s a little strange to come back to the town you grew up in as an adult. It’s even weirder when you’re married to a guy who grew up in the same town, but went to different schools, and thus seems to know the half of the population that you don’t. It’s almost like I don’t need a yearbook anymore, because I see people I knew growing up all the time.


This is a great thing, though. How often do you make an interstate move and waltz right in to a readymade community? We are lucky, blessed people!


A few more thoughts I’ve been gathering these last few weeks . . .



– The boys can see all four of their grandparents and a smattering of aunts and uncles on pretty much any given day.

– I am making time to work and write, while still being an at-home mama.

– Groceries are cheaper! And coupons are fabulous.



– We don’t buy from as many local, independent shops, because there aren’t as many of them around.

– Three words: Car seat buckles.

– Magazine headlines I can’t help reading in lines at the grocery store, etc. It seems like there’s a whole new crop of celebrities that I’ve never heard of—and don’t really care about.


All in all, I’m happy we’re here. There are some challenges, but every change brings its obstacles. What’s important is that we are where we are supposed to be and we are taking on every day as a family. We’re the fourth generation of Schlegels to live in this house, and that, in my book, is pretty much priceless.

  1. Elizabeth Mason says:

    Lindsay! Thank you so much for your beautiful writings about moving. I’ve been enjoying reading about your family’s adventure in moving from the city to the suburbs. You are helping me make sense of our own move (2 years ago, but I still struggle!), so thank you for helping me to see that God’s will is not my own and that there is much to be garnered from living in different (not bad) circumstances. Much love, joy, peace, and empty packing boxes to you and to your family! 🙂

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