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August 7, 2013

Updates from the ‘burbs

John keeps saying it’s going to take about a month to settle in to our new home and find our groove, so to speak. It’s been a week and a half thus far. Since we moved back to where we both grew up, and not far from our home in Brooklyn, it doesn’t feel to me like there’s a lot to get used to, in terms of landscape. Our lifestyle is different with a longer commute, more people in the house, and those blasted car seat buckles. But we are finding our way, and when I get stressed, I remind myself that God has very good reason for us to be here—and it’s not for me to try to figure it all out.


It’s only been ten days, but it feels like so much has happened. What a blessing that these little developments are happening in our new place, making it feel even more like home, right off the bat.


First of all, John passed his CFA exam. Hooray! Well done and thank goodness!


Henry’s got teeth coming in on top. Two on one side, instead of the middle two, but we’re happy to see progress.


He’s also started on more solid foods, but honestly seems more interested in his bib and/or our cookies than his pureed peas. I’m not sure I can blame him for the latter at least.


Henry’s crawling, sometimes using his head as a fifth “foot,” but he’s moving forward, so who’s counting?


Jacob loves that we see “tid-dos” (“kiddos”) at the in-home childcare here every day. He’s doing really well adjusting to his new situation. I love watching him spend more time with his grandparents, aunts, and an uncle. This is the life we wanted for our kids, and we’re blessed to have it happening while they’re young.


I am knitting Jacob a winter hat, and after a false start the other night, we’re on track! It’s adorable. Giant pompom.


John’s sisters have given themselves new names: Aunt Awesome and Aunt Supafly. Both are accurate representations of their personalities.


I have a dress for my brother-in-law’s wedding at the end of the month, and I think I have the perfect necklace for it, too. It’s going to be so fun to have the whole family dressed up and dancing our hearts out to celebrate in just a few weeks!


My mom and I have been going to a local farmer’s market. Last week I got over thirty peaches (three pies’ worth) and four apples in a “seconds” box—they weren’t quite perfect to look at, but they were perfect for baking—for five dollars! I love you, suburbia!


Little by little my brain is settling down and sorting itself out. I finally found my to-do list (not that I was looking for it), and though it gets longer every hour, I can see myself getting things done. I’m starting to set aside time for work, writing, and seeing old friends, and life is feeling full, if a little frazzled.


This weekend, John and I have a date night planned. We haven’t sat still in weeks, and it will be good to reconnect, just the two of us . . . especially since we have now officially been together for nine and a half years!


Whew! Are you ready for a nap? Because I am!

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